Energy & Power

A custom solution uses the full power of a precious resource.

Industrial reverse osmosis systems from Culligan Matrix Solutions are used for energy and power plants and are customized for industrial and commercial water treatment systems designed to meet the requirements of energy and power producers.
  • Boiler and cooling tower makeup water
  • Cooling tower re-use
  • Waste water discharge quality compliance
  • Overall onsite water management and wastewater minimization
  • Condensate polishing
  • High pressure boiler feed water specifications


Comprehensive Customization for Your Requirements

Culligan Matrix Solutions are highly integrated, customizable systems designed to meet the requirements of energy and power producers. Beginning with a water and site analysis, Culligan engineers design one unique, modular system to be your end-to-end water treatment solution. Systems can be skid-mounted or contained on flatbeds in the field for total mobility. This flexibility is ideally suited for peaking plants in remote areas requiring durable materials for power grids.

Fast to Market for Accelerated Return on Investment (ROI)

The advanced modular design also allows for fast installation. From an on-site water analysis to having the system online, Culligan Matrix Solutions is one of the fastest complete, custom engineered systems to market. Culligan engineers choose pre-wired and containerized components to design your unique system. This cost-effective process reduces unnecessary downtime and promotes consistent production.

Improve Overall On-site Water Management

A Culligan Matrix Solutions system is a cost-effective way to improve overall onsite water management using ion-exchange systems, pre-treatment, de-alkalization, de-ionization and membranes. These modules may help improve the cycles of concentration in cooling towers and boilers, and reduce blowdown and make-up water requirements. In addition, every custom solution considers opportunities for wastewater minimization. To further improve a utility’s long-term onsite water management, modules can be retrofitted, upgraded or replaced. Culligan’s superior technologies may aid energy and power companies develop an improved overall water management plan.

Advanced Electronic Capabilities for Total Integration

Culligan Matrix Solutions systems use cost-effective historical operating data logging, remote monitoring and telemetry to help customers monitor and trend the performance of their water treatment equipment. With this information customers can respond proactively to alarms to promote consistency of production while reducing business risk.


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