Make the most of your resources with a custom solution.

Culligan Matrix Solutions industrial water softener and treatment systems are designed for a large variety of applications regarding industrial and commercial water treatment.
  • Boiler feed water make-up
  • Process water make-up
  • Re-use of grey water in other parts of manufacturing process
  • Recycle and wastewater minimization
  • Reduce wastewater discharge


Improve Return on Investment (ROI) with a Flexible Solution

The revolutionary modularity of Culligan Matrix Solutions is a flexible option for improved ROI. With an initial on-site water analysis, Culligan engineers select the water treatment modules, materials and installation options necessary to create the best solution for your needs. On-site consultations consider the individual production requirements, budgetary concerns, capital and operating costs associated with water treatment.

Reduce Waste and Improve Resource Sustainability

Using a Culligan Matrix Solutions system improves the efficiency of your manufacturing process. The unique design includes ways to reuse grey water for other areas of production, to recycle water back to cooling towers, and to reclaim water used in regeneration with advanced Brine Reclaim technology.

Improve Efficiency with One of the Fastest Systems to Market

Culligan knows a consistent flow of high-quality water is vital for successful manufacturing. Culligan Matrix Solutions offers options such as Reverse Osmosis, softening, ion exchange, de-ionization and multi-media filtration to produce high quality influent for reliable production. With one of the fastest timelines from design to installation, Culligan stands out by delivering advanced water treatment to all manufacturers valuing consistent production.

Advanced Electronic Capabilities for an Integrated Solution

Culligan Matrix Solutions systems use cost-effective historical operating data logging, remote monitoring and telemetry to help customers monitor and trend the performance of their water treatment equipment. With this information customers can respond proactively to alarms to promote consistency of production while reducing business risk.


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